Training and Maneuvers

field maneuvers

Tents That Housed Soldiers During Field Maneuvers
At Camp Claiborne, Louisiana.

lister bag

The Lister Bag Was Used For Waters Rations During
Basic Training Maneuvers At Camp Claiborne, Louisiana.
(Circa 1941)

pvt lester vanvig

Pvt Lester Vanvig
Smoking A Pipe While On Maneuvers
Near Camp Claiborne. 1941

office paul ebeltoft

Officer Paul Ebeltoft
Seen Here In The Center Talking To
His Men During Field Maneuvers
Near Camp Claiborne.

lister bag plane

Company K Soldiers Line Up For Water
From The Lister Bag Under A
Very Stormy Sky.  There Seems To Be
A Plane Flying Overhead. 
Hopefully It Made It Home Before
The Storm Broke.

field manuevers kitchen

The Company K Cooks Prepared Meals In This
Field Kitchen When The Soldiers Were On Maneuvers.

pete mulvaney in the field

Pete Mulvaney
Pete, One Of Company K's Cooks, Near His Field Kitchen.

pistol range letter

Pvt John Clary's Wrote To His Sister Anna Schnaidt On May 19, 1941 From Camp Claiborne. The Red Bull (Possibly A Buffalo Head) On The Right Is Part Of The Old Shoulder Patch Called The Insignia Of The Red Bull Which Was Used By The 34th Infantry Division Of Which The 164th Infantry Regiment Was One Of 4 Regiments In The 34th Infantry Division. The Shoulder Patch Was Used Until December 8, 1941.

orville dodge

Orville Dodge
Practicing His Pistol Marksmanship.

firing line

Bill Kostelecky &
Mike Demianew
Fire Their Springfield Rifles.

rifle practice

Rifle Practice Using A Springfield Bolt
Action Rifle At Camp Claiborne.
(Circa 1941)

chow line in the field

Chow Line During Field Maneuvers
At Camp Claiborne......m-m-good!!!

resting in the field

Soldiers Of Company K Are Seen Here Taking A Short Rest
While Training During Field Maneuvers At Camp Claiborne.

Pvt Gordon Holt

Pvt Gordon Holt
Catching A Few Zzzz's During A Break
In Training At Camp Claiborne.

wake up call

Les Vanvig Gives Ralph Gaugler 
A Wakeup Call During A Rest Period
During Field Maneuvers
At Camp Claiborne. 

break after chow

Company K Soldiers Take
A Break After Chow.

kostelecky and allen

Pvt Bill Kostelecky & Pfc Lawrence "Gracie" Allen
Taking A Break While On Maneuvers.

george grimm with snake

George Grimm
Encountering Snakes Was A Hazard Of
The Soldiers Of Company K, While Training
In Louisiana.  Thanks To George,
This One Never Slithered Into Another Tent!

hand to hand combat

Soldiers Practicing Hand To Hand
Combat Drills  At Camp Claiborne.

cpl jim jewel

Cpl Jim Jewel
Seen Here With A Full Pack.  These Were
The Uniforms That Were Standard Issue
During WWI.  It Was Only Later In Their
Training That The Soldiers Of
Company K Received The Uniforms That
We Recognize Today As Being Used
During WWII.

gas training

A Company K Soldier Trains
In The Use Of A Gas Mask.


An Unpleasant Fact Of Life Were The Unpleasant
Chigger Bites Suffered While Training At Camp Claiborne. 
These Legs Unfortunately Belong To Tim Sullivan.

chigger medication

John Gunderson, Tony Hannel And ?
These Soldiers Are Smeared With The
Medication Used To Treat Chigger Bites.

george weisberger police call

Pvt George Weisgerber
After Having Done All Of Company K's Wash And
Having Had Fun Playing With The Washboard,
George Evidently Went Out And Had A Few Beers. 
He Is Seen Here "Policing" The Grounds With A Sharp Stick,
As He Had Gotten "Pig-eyed".  This Notation Was
Written On The Back Of The Photograph.

pvt george weisgerber

Pvt George Weisgerber
After Being Out On Maneuvers, The Soldiers Of Company K
Had To Clean Tents, Equipment And Themselves. 
Evidently, George Here Was Over Enthusiastic And Washed
Everything With The Exception Of His Knees Which Are
Covered With Gentian Violet To Ward Off Poison Ivy.