Keeping Company K's History Alive

Many people in Dickinson, North Dakota and the surrounding area, are helping in the preservation of the history of Company K of the 164th Infantry Regiment as it pertains to World War II. Without the support of the members of Company K, their wives, relatives and other interested people, this project would  have been impossible. A debt of gratitude is owed to them.  We thank them and remember their kindness and dedication… and in the future.

ted kessel young

Ted Kessel 
As A Young Private In Company K. 
Thankfully He Retained So Much Vital
Information From The WWII Era And Later
He Was Kind Enough To Share His Memories.

ted kessel 2001

On June 13, 2001,
Ted Kessel
Visited The Dickinson Area Public Library. Without His Help,
Many Of The Photographs Used In This Presentation Would
Have Remained Forever Unidentified. He Was A Wonderful Man
And His Clear Memory Is A Treasure.

agnes privratsky

Agnes Privratsky 
Wife Of Wenzel Privratsky. She Has Been Very
Instrumental In Making Contacts With Relatives Of
The Men Who Served In Company K. Without Her
Assistance And Unfailing Encouragement, This Project
Would Have Been Nearly Impossible.


Presented The Library With A Wonderful Wooden Handmade
Flag That She Had Purchased On Our Behalf. We Are Very Happy
To Have The Flag As Part Of Our Company K Project. 
It Really Seems To Be Waving In The Breeze!

privratsky relatives

These Relatives Of Wenzel And Agnes Privratsky Stopped At
The Dickinson Area Public Library On September 18, 2001. 
Wenzel And Agnes's Daughter And Son In Law
Donna & Ron Mellot
Are Standing While Their Granddaughter And
Daughter Are Seated Left To Right.
Nicole Fath & Jan Reisinger

audrey baird

A Special Thanks…to
Audrey Baird
The Wife Of Lt. Col. Laroy Baird, Jr.  She Has Been An Avid
Supporter From The Beginning Of The Co. K Project. 
She Has Also Given Us The Funds To Buy The High-tech Printer
Seen At The Right Of The Picture. Not Only Has The Printer
Provided Excellent Reprints Of Pictures Used On Site, It Has
Also Allowed Us To Send Reprints To Co. K Families All Over
The United States!!!!

john clarys wife

Catherine Clarys 
Wife Of John Clarys. Catherine Has Shared Photographs And
Other Army memorabilia That Have Helped This Project Evolve.

martha wagner

Martha Wagner 
Wife Of Edward Wagner. Martha Has Also Shared
Photographs And Other Armymemorabilia That Have
Added Another Dimension To This Project.

dorothy kostelecky

Dorothy Kostelecky
Is The Wife Of Bill Kostelecky Who Took Many Of The Photographs
In This Collection. She Was Gracious To Share The Pictures With
This Project And Was Unfailing In Her Encouragement.

kostelecky family

Dorothy Kostelecky
The Wife Of Bill Kostelecky From Company K. She And
Her Two Daughters And Their Children Visited
The Dickinson Area Public Library On June 29, 2001.


Leah would especially like to thank her colleagues at the Dickinson area public library.  Her library director, Cheryl Tollefson, who has set her on the path to discover the history of company k and then allowed leah the time and freedom to be creative. Thanks to librarians, Renee Paasch and Mary Lovell who have been a constant encouragement and the library support staff who have been generous in helping to carry the load while Leah was working on this project. 

nature shift

We would like to acknowledge our partnership with the dakota science center and the grand forks public schools. Without the help and support of their staff through technology and training, we at the Dickinson area public library would not have been able to begin the preservation project of the history of company K and its involvement in World War II.

...and an Eternal and Heartfelt Thank You!!!!! To the Soldiers of Company K and all of the 164th Infantry Regiment for their Dedication to Duty and Country which inspires all of us to make their story a continual and living memory...


You will Dance in Our Hearts Forever!