Soldiers Portraits at Camp Claiborne

us army snapshots

Meet Some Of The Soldiers Of Company K Of The 164th Infantry Regiment
From Dickinson, North Dakota While They Were Training At
Camp Claiborne, Louisiana.
(Circa 1941-1942)

pvt bill kostelecky

Pvt Bill Kostelecky
Bill Took Many Of The Photos In This Collection.

pvt ted kessel

Pvt Ted Kessel
Ted's Help Was Invaluable In The
Identification Of Photographs. 
Ted's Service To His Country And His
Assistance, Kindness And Humor During
This Project Will Never Be Forgotten.

two soldiers from company k

Fred Leder Might Be The Soldier On The Right. 
Camp Claiborne, Louisiana 1942

john gunderson

John Gunderson
Seen Here At Camp Claiborne...later He
Would Be Seen Doing Some Cooking
Over A Fire Made With Captured
Japanese Gas On Guadalcanal!

pvt wagner dogtag

Pvt Wagner's Dog Tag

pvt edward j wagner

Pvt Edward J. Wagner

164th regi crest

164th Regimental Crest
Taken From Pvt Wagner's Uniform.

pvt jack j wolf

Pvt Jack J. Wolf
Note The 164th Regimental
Crest As Worn On His
Uniform Lapel.

pvt kenneth j freed

Pvt Kenneth J. Freed

pvt john clarys

Pvt John Clarys

pvt john clarys 1942

Pvt John Clarys
Near The Barracks At
Camp Claiborne.
(Circa 1942)

pvt wenzel privratsky

Pvt Wenzel Privratsky
One Of The Cooks For Company K.
(Circa 1941)

pvt privratsky plate

Pvt Privratsky's Souvenir Tin Plate From Camp Claiborne.

pfc alvin ulrich

Pfc Alvin Ulrich
Pvt Dorman Belden Is In
The Background To The
Left Of Pfc Ulrich.
Camp Claiborne
(Circa 1942)

frank kessel

Frank Kessel
His Brother, Ted Kessel,
Was Also A Member
Of Company K.

don oullette

Don Oullette
Picture Was Most Likely
Taken While Don Was At
Boot Camp At
Camp Claiborne.

wilfred j kelly

Wilfred J. Kelly
Camp Claiborne, 1941.

pfc gordon holt

Pfc Gordon Holt

joe haag and fred leder

Joe Haag & Fred Leder

joe haag and jack leithold

Joe Haag & Jack Leithold
Camp Claiborne, 1941.

joe haag and the camp dog

Joe Haag And The Camp Dog.

pvt paul snuffy dowhaniuk

Pvt Paul Dowhaniuk's Nickname At
Camp Claiborne, 1941.

3 pvts and a sgt

Pvt's Marvin Sease, Bill Kostelecky,
Wilfred Kelly & Sgt Tony Zastoupil
Outside The Company K Barracks,
Camp Claiborne, 1942.

pvt paul dowhaniuk

Pvt Paul Dowhaniuk
Camp Claiborne, Louisiana

pvts carr amp skartvedt

Pvt's William Carr & Richard Skartvedt
(Circa 1941)

pfc robert turner

Pfc Robert Turner
Outside Of The Barracks At
Camp Claiborne.
(Circa 1941)

2LT john crawford

2LT John Crawford
Near The Barracks At
Camp Claiborne, 1941.

general laroy baird

Brig Gen Laroy Baird, Sr.
Camp Claiborne, Louisiana
January, 1942

laroy baird jr.

Laroy Baird, Jr.
One Of The Young Officers Of
Company K, Standing Outside Of
His Tent At Camp Claiborne.

lts ebeltoft and baird

Lt Paul F. Ebeltoft &
2lt Laroy Baird, Jr.
Camp Claiborne, Louisiana 1941.

herb mack amp lt crook

Herb Mack & Lt Crook
In Front Of The Company K Orderly Tent.

general frank richards

Gen Frank Richards
& Laroy Baird, Jr.
With Troops At Camp Claiborne.

steckler amp sullivan

2Lt Ted Steckler & Pfc Tim Sullivan
Near The Company K Barracks.

sgts and Lt

Sgt Tony Hanel, 2lt Dayle Flegel
& Sgt Tony Zastoupil
Tony Z. Has His "Brownie" Camera Along.

two headed man

No This Was Not The
Two-headed Man,
But Rather  Gordon Holt 
And Bud Boisen.  Hopefully
They Didn't Have To Polish
All Those Boots In The
Background Before Chow.

bob booke

Bob Booke
Ok.....who Stole My Pants?!

pvts and unknowns

L To R: Pvt's Tony Wolf, John Riedl,
Lawrence "Bud" Boisen & 2 Unknowns
Camp Claiborne, Louisiana.
(Circa 1942)


It Was Always Great For A
Soldier To Get Promoted,
However, There Was Still
Always The Matter Of
Getting The Stripes Sewn
On Just Right!

pvt herman c diede

Pvt Herman C. Diede
Pausing Outside His
Quarters While Training
At Camp Claiborne.

pfc fred w leder

Pfc Fred W. Leder
In Front Of The Motor Pool At Camp Claiborne.
(Circa 1941)

cpl winfred fischer

Cpl Winfred 'red' Fischer
Camp Claiborne (Circa 1941)

pfc joe weisgerber

Pfc Joe Weisberger
With A Souvenir Doll
For Someone Back Home.

ted conrath

Ted Conrath
Pictured Here In Front Of His Tent,
Later In Life Ted Would Become
An Accomplished Artist.

bill sullivan

Bill Sullivan
Sitting Inside His Tent
At Camp Claiborne.

john schuld

Pvt John Schuld
It Said On The Back Of The
Picture That He Was
"In The Breeze".  Since Many
Days Were Very Muddy At
Camp Claiborne, It's Nice
To See John On Dry Ground!

herb mack

Herb Mack
...and Betty Grable Thought She Had Nice Legs!

weisgerber and privratsky

George Weisgerber & Wenzel Privratsky
In Their "Home Away From Home" At Camp Claiborne.

tent 15

Jack Leithold, Alvin Ulrich & George Grimm
Evidently The Photographer Was In A Rush Because The Guys
In Tent 15 Didn't Have Time To Get Their Clothes On!

willard williamson

Pvt Willard Williamson
Although The Food Was
Probably Fabulous At
Camp Claiborne,
Pvt Williamson Did Not
Grow To Over 7 Feet Tall,
As This Camera Angle
May Suggest!

ken freed

Ken Freed
Ken Called Company K's
Tent 18 His "Home" While
He Was At Boot Camp.

tent 18 bunk mates

Frank Thomas, Ken Freed,
Orville Dodge & George Weisgerber
Ken Freed With Some Of His Boot Camp Tent Mates.

army buddies

Don Oullette & Robert Helsper
Army Buddies Don And Robert Were Just
A Few Tents Down The Way In Tent 22.

tent 27

R. Langen?, Clarence Lindbo,
Joe Weisgerber & Ed Fox
All Lived In Tent 27.


"Clipper" Bill Kostelecky & Wenzel Privratsky
Kostelecky Gives Privratsky A Haircut. 
Note The Soldier Sleeping In The Background.

pvt john berger

Pvt John Berger
Cleaning The Garbage Bins.

pvt bill kostelecky

Pvt Bill Kostelecky
Near The Mess Hall At
Camp Claiborne.

pete mulvaney

Pete Mulvaney
One Of The Older Guys In The
Outfit And One Of It's Cooks. 
Note The  Great Dakota
Maid Flour Hat!

lawrence allen and carl thomas

Cooks Lawrence Allen & Carl Thomas
Allen And Thomas Seem Quite Happy. 
Perhaps They've Finished Washing
The Pots And Pans As The Copper Boiler
Is Overturned In The Foreground. 
It Looks As Though Softball Is Being
Played Behind Them.

pvt ted kessel

Pvt Ted Kessel
Near The Mess Hall Stairway
At Camp Claiborne.
(Circa 1941)

pvt paul dowhaniuk and ted kessel

Pvt Paul Dowhaniuk
Pours A Secret Mixture While 
Pvt Ted Kessel 
Sprints For
More Ingredients???

ted kessel

Pvt Ted Kessel
Ted Said That He Looked
Quite Intelligent In This
Picture, However....

ted kessel no smoking

...Ted Realized That He Could
Not Read The "No Smoking"
Sign In The Background.