Guadalcanal Campaign

guadalcanal map

On October 13, 1942 , The 164th Infantry Regiment Landed At
Kokum Beach On The Island Of Guadalcanal In The Solomon
Islands Chain, To Reinforce The 1st Marine Division Which
Was Deployed Along The Henderson Airstrip.

henderson airstrip

Just One Day Later On October 14, 1942, Patrols From 
The 164th Infantry Regiment Engaged Japanese Patrols In Defense
Of The Hensderson Field Airstrip.

landing craft

Landing Craft Seen Of Guadalcanal!

u.s. ships at guadalcanal

Distant U.S. Ships Off Guadalcanal.

co k hits the beach

Company K Hits The Beach!!

wrecked b24

Wrecked B24 "Liberator" Probably At
Henderson Field On Guadalcanal.

wrecked p38

Wrecked P38 "Lightning" Probably
At Henderson Field On Guadalcanal. 
Note The Field Ambulance In The

amphibious landing

Local Soldiers From Company K Ready 
Themselves For The Enemy...

english spitfire

One Of The Planes Of The Australian Allies -- An English Spitfire.

tank on guadalcanal

This Tank Was Used On One Of The Islands,
Possibly On Guadalcanal.

relaxing after battle

Harry Dolyniuk, Earl Chase
& Willard Williamson
After The Battle Of Guadalcanal
In Late 1942.

unitentified on guadalcanal

These Soldiers On Guadalcanal
Have Yet To Be Identified.

shelter on guadalcanal

Some Company K Soldiers In
A Shelter On Guadalcanal.

jack agnew

Jack Agnew
Washing Up And Filling Up His Canteen.

shelter guadalcanal

A Soldier From Company K With His
Makeshift Shelter On Guadalcanal.

1st sgt kermet schoen

1sgt Kermet Schoen
With His M1 Carbine Next To
His Shelter On Guadalcanal.

fortified position

One Of Company K's Fortified Positions On Guadalcanal.

camouflaged campsite

Camp On Guadalcanal Was Well
Camouflaged With Only A Little Light
Filtering In Through The Trees.

another camp scene

Another Camp Scene From Guadalcanal. 
Actually A Better Print Of
The Photo To The Left?

camp scene on guadalcanal

Camp Scene On Guadalcanal...
Note The Gear Hanging In The Trees.

unknown soldier from company k

Unidentified Soldier From Company K.

steve dubois amp ralph gaugler

Steve Dubois & Ralph Gaugler
On Guadalcanal.

ralph gaugler on guadalcanal

Ralph Gaugler
On Guadalcanal.

ralph gaugler shave

Ralph Gaugler
Catching A Quick Shave On Guadalcanal.

pvt theodore zagurski

Pvt Theodore J. Zagurski (On The Left)
With And Unknown Soldier From Minneapolis On Guadalcanal

tsgt john e gunderson

TSgt John E. Gunderson
Doing A Little Home Cooking On Guadalcanal.

native americans co k

2lt Steve Dubois, SSGT Paul Fischer
& Cpl Felix Lafromboise
Photo Taken On Guadalcanal, Dubois And Lafromboise
Were Native Americans From Fort Totten Who
Were Assigned To Company K.

bud boisen and john gunderson

John Gunderson & Bud Boisen
Bud Takes Over The Frying Pan Duties From John
While On Guadalcanal.  Bud Said That They Were
Using Captured Japanese Gas As Fuel.

bud boisen and ralpg gaugler

Bub Boisen & Ralph Gaugler
Bud & Ralph Formed A Life Long Friendship
While Serving On Guadalacanal.

malaria pills

After Finishing His Cooking, Bud Boisen Should Have Taken One Of
His Malaria Pills.  When Leah Met Him In 2001, He Still Had His Full
Bottle.  He Said That He Was Supposed To Take Them But Never Did. 

malaria warning

Bud Did Tell Leah That He Suffered
Through 5 Bouts Of Malaria.

lt col laroy baird jr

Lt Col Laroy Baird Jr (Far Right)
Seen Here In The Jungles Of The South Pacific,
Lt Col Baird Was One Of Only 4 Officers To Be
With The 164th Infantry Regiment From
Camp Claiborne, Louisiana All The Way To Japan.

gallantry in action

Cpt Anton 'tony' Beer (Far Left) &
Sgt Lawrence 'bud' Boisen
(2nd From Right)
Receiving Accommodations or Gallantry With
3 Other Soldiers From Minnesota.  It Was A Pleasure
For Leah To Meet Both Tony And Bud In September 2001. 
Tony Lived In Mandan At The Time While Bud Lived In Idaho.

orville dodge writes home

Orville Dodge & Ralph Gaugler
Orville Writes A Letter Home, While Ralph Catches
Up On The News While They Were On Guadalcanal.

sgt herb mack

Sgt Herb Mack
Thank God That Herb Could Still Smile!

pvt bill kostelecky

Pvt Bill Kostelecky
Bill Taking A Smoke Break.

pfc edward feininger

Pfc Edward Feininger
Also Taking A Smoke Break. 
"Smoke 'em If You Got'em!"

pvt carl thomas

Pvt Carl Thomas
Hopefully Not On Smoke Break
As Well As He Appears To Be
Using A Gas Can For His Chair.

pvt john berger

Pvt John Berger
John Has 'em' So He Is Smoking 'em'.

ted kessel with a sign

Ted Kessel
Ted Commented That This Sign Was  Rather Wishful
Thinking When It Was Erected On Guadalcanal,
As There Were Still Years Of Fighting Ahead.

Soldiers From The 164th Infantry Regiment Display A Captured Japanese Flag.

On October 25 & 26, 1942, Less Than Two Weeks After Landing On Guadalcanal, The 164th Infantry Regiment Would Become Involved In The Heaviest Fighting Of The Guadalcanal Campaign After The Japanese Launched A Surprise Offensive.
The 164th Infantry Regiment Held Key Sectors Around Henderson Field And Repelled The Attacking Japanese Forces.  Members Of The 164th Killed Over 1,500 Of The Attacking Japanese Forces While Suffering 26 Kia's And 52 Wounded.

Perimeter Defense Setup During The Matanikau Offensive On Guadalcanal.

Matanikau Offensive During The Guadalcanal Campaign
On November 20, 1942, U.s. Forces Crossed The Matanikau River To Attack Japanese
Positions In A Battle Which Would Last Fthrough November 27th.  Company K,
Along With The Rest Of The Americal Division , Would Be Very Involved In The Battle.
The Americal Division Would Suffer Over 100 Kia's And 200 Wounded.  This Was Perhaps
The Costliest Week Of The War For The 164th Infantry Regiment And The Americal Division.

staff sgt edmund mahowald

Ssgt Edmund Mahowald
Taking A Break At The Matanikau On Guadalcanal. 
Although Edmund Survived This Campaign,
He Would Later Be Killed In Action At
Leyte, In The Phillipine Isklands.

letter from sgt john clarys

Sgt John Clarys Wrote This Letter To His Sister Anna
While Still On Guadalcanal, Before Being Evacuated
To Fiji For R&R In March 1943.  He Had To Be Circumspect
In What He Wrote , However, He Does Say That It Was
Warm There And Wishes For Some "Cold Weather That
You Get There In Good Old N. Dak." 
"All I Can Do Is Hope And Pray That One Day I Get Back There".

From the diary of LT Col Samuel Baglien of the 164th infantry regiment:
"On November 20 the regiment took up defensive positions at point cruz west of the matanikau.  Due to terrain of jungle and ridges and the terrfic heat, it is very difficult to get supplies, ammunition and water to our troops. They are taxed to exhaustion. Coordinated artillery, air and mortar fire does not dislodge the enemy. They have dug-in in the coral and in draws and are quite secure. Any exposure to our troops draws accurate enemy fire. Casualties are fairly heavy. 
This situation continues on November 23 and 24. Advance is stopped, and positions are consolidated. Men must live on "C" and "D" rations and coffee, as movements draw heavy and accurate enemy fire. Enemy light artillery appears to have been silenced by our air and artillery support.  Snipers are active. Our planes continue to bomb and strafe enemy positions with unknown results. Our third battalion has suffered heavy casualties by artillery and mortar fire."

Col baglien then lists the 54 soldiers of the 164th infantry regiment killed in action thus far in this battle. 
Members of company k who were KIA's are:
Pvt Elton l. Pederson, Pvt Marion Van Der Werff, Pfc Raymond e. Moore, Cpl Herman c. Diede,
2lt Rilie r. Morgan Jr., 1Lt William k. Pflugrath, 1Sgt Winifred b. Fischer & Pvt John j. Brucker

field church

Father Kelly
Conducting Church In The Field, Probably On Guadalcanal.

honor guard

Honor Guard Marching To The Graves
Of The Newly Fallen On Guadalcanal.

graveside ceremony

Graveside Ceremony On Guadalcanal Honoring The Brave Young Men Who Fell
In Battle There During The Campaigns Of October And November Of 1942.

winfred red fischer with pals

Winfred "Red" Fischer, Ralph Gaugler & Gordon Holt
This Is A Very Poignant Picture.  Ralph Told Leah That His Best Friend Was Red And That
The Worst Part Of The War For Him Was Walking By His Dead Buddy On Guadalcanal For
Days Until They Could Give Him A Proper Burial.    Ralph Said That He Would Never Forget Red.

pvt marion van der werff grave

The Grave Of 
Pvt Marion Van Der Werff 
Of Company K Of The
164th Infantry Regiment. 
Marion Was Killed In Action On Guadalcanal.

grave amongst others

Marion Was Killed By A Japanese Sniper. 
Marion Was Awarded Both The
Purple Heart And The Bronze Star.

marion van der werff hawaii

Marion Van Der Werff 
Is Buried At The National Memorial
Cemetery Of The Pacific In
Honolulu, Hawaii.

cpl herman c diede grave

Grave Of 
Cpl Hermann C. Diede 
From Co. K Of The 164th Infantry Regiment
Who Was Also Killed In Action On Guadalcanal.

diede grave

Cpl Diede
Is Also Not Alone.  After The War,
All Of The Graves Would Be Exhumed
And Transported To Either The Manila
American Cemetery, The National
Memorial Cemetery Of The Pacific
(Punchbowl) In Hawaii Or Back To The
United States For Reinternment

hermann c diede grave

Cpl Herman C. Diede 
Was The Youngest Man To Be Killed In
Action With Company K During The Guadalcanal Campaign.  Today He Is
Interned At The National Memorial Cemetery Of The Pacific In
Honolulu, Hawaii.

pvt elton l pederson grave

Pvt Elton L. Pederson's 
Grave On Guadalcanal.  Elton Was
Killed In Action While Serving With
Co. K Of The 164th Infantry Regiment
During The Guadalcanal Campaign.

pvt elton l pederson grave

So Many Paid The Ultimate Price
To Defend Their Comrades In Arms.

elton pederson grave in hawaii

Elton L. Pederson 
Rests At  The National Memorial Cemetery
Of The Pacific At Honolulu, Hawaii.

1st sgt fischer grave

Grave Of 
1sgt Winfred B. 'red' Fischer 
Was The Highest Ranked Enlisted Member
Of Co. K Of The 164th Infantry Regiment
To Be Killed In Action Of Guadalacanal.

fischer grave

The United States Stands Apart From
Most Other Nations In Accounting For
And Honoring Those Who Are Killed
While In The Service Of Their Country.

winfred b fischer ft snelling

1sgt Fischer 
Is Interned At Fort Snelling,
National Cemetery
In Minneapolis, Mn.

2lt rilie r morgan jr.

2Lt Rilie R. Morgan Jr.
 Was Brought Back Home And Interned Near Family
At Crescent Cemetery In Grafton, North Dakota. 
Morgan Was Not From Dickinson, But He Served
With Co. K During The Guadalcanal Campaign.

pfc raymond e moore grave

Pfc Raymond E. Moore 
Was Also Brought Home And Rests Near Family At
The Dunn Center Cemetery In Dunn Center, North Dakota.

john j brucker grave

Although From Mandan, North Dakota, 
Pvt John J. Brucker 
Was Reinterned At Holy Cross Cemetery In
Spokane, Washington, With His Parents.

1Lt william k pflugrath grave

1Lt William K. Pflugrath 
From New Leipzig, North Dakota Is Buried At
Fort Snelling National Cemetery In Minneapolis, Minnesota.

From the Diary of  Lt Col Samuel Baglein of the 164th Infantry Regiment:

"On November 25, the enemy is still maintaining a well dug-in defense in depth.  Our artillery and mortars are dislodging some of them.  Our patrols are active and destroting some positions, but they are replaced during the night.  Our comabt strength is below 2,000.  We have several hundred ineffectuals due to malaria, dysentery, shell-shock, hysteria and minor wounds.  We feel the loss of Capt Panettiere, our brave medical officer.  The Division hospital is congested, so we are treating many cases in our rear area. I am still worn out from yesterday’s scrap. The Nips located our CP today with their mortars, wounding three men. Looks like I’ve got to hunt a new hole.  
On November 26, an enemy air raid dropped 20 bombs; some casualties to marines. Our artillery and mortars continue to bombard the enemy and our patrols are active.  
At 3:30 a.m. on November 27, an enemy air raid. No casualties. Our artillery and mortars continued to batter the enemy. They are replacing weakened positions rapidly, but they are weakening generally and there is not much likelihood of a counter-attack. Lt. Col. Hall, Third Battalion commander, was wounded and evacuated. Capt Ralph Knott was wounded and evacuated. Sent our Anti Tank Company in to relieve Company “A”.  It was our only reserve.
Another enemy air raid at 3:30 a.m. on November 28. At 6:30 a.m. an enemy sub torpedoed the U. S. S. Alcheba at Lunga Lagoon. The ship was beached to avoid capsizing. The cargo and crew were saved. Capt Hedstrom, Lt Preston and 14 enlisted men of this regiment were aboard at the time of the explosion, but were uninjured. The front line activity is limited to artillery and patrols. First Lt John A. Crawford died at the hospital at New Hebrides where he had been evacuated,
wounded several days ago.
On November 29 at 3:00 a.m. another air raid; no casualties. Our continuous bombardment of enemy positions has caused some withdrawal. They are attempting to strengthen their positions. Coordinated artillery and mortar fire at enemy positions went on all afternoon. Our patrols are active. The enemy continues to fire mortars at our positions, effectively. We got together a makeshift Battalion to relieve the Second Battalion of the Eighth Marines. Capt Crook is commanding our makeshift Battalion.
At 4:00 a.m. November 30 another enemy air raid. No casualties. Our 81 MM mortars destroyed an enemy Anti-tank gun and emplacement. Mortars on both sides continue. We are killing and destroying Jap positions daily. It is hard grubbing, but we will get them out."

New Graves On Guadalcanal Near Henderson Field In Late 1942.

Lt Col Baglein Lists 16 More Soldiers Of The 164th Infantry Regiment Who Were Kia's Over These Days.
2 Members Of Company K Were Kia's:
Pfc Melvin O. Feiring & Ssgt Lester A. Ashbacher

melvin o feiring grave

Pfc Melvin O. Feiring 
Is Buried At Mountain View Cemetery In
Longmount, Colorado Beside His Parents.

lester a ashbacher grave

Ssgt Lester A. Ashbacher 
Was Brought Home And Reburied At The
Dakota City Cemetery In Dakota City, Nebraska.

The 164th Infantry Regiment would receive the Presidential Unit Citation
for it's participation in the Guadalacanal Campaign.
However, Guadalcanal was only the beginning of the fighting for
Company K...
During March of 1943, after the Matanikau Campaign, 
Company K along with the rest of the 164th Infantry Regiment,
were evacuated to Fiji for some much needed replacements
and some much deserved rest and recuperation.