Bougainville Campaign

On December 19, 1943, the 164th infantry regiment was the first unit of the Americal Division to make the landing on Bougainville. The 164th took up perimeter positions against an impending Japanese attack. While on Bougainville, the 164th was involved in the most intense fighting and lost 35 KIA’s, mostly during the first part of 1944. During the rest of 1944, the 164th’s members were engaged in small unit actions such as conducting enemy patrols, maintaining its defensive perimeter and capturing Japanese soldiers.


Bougainville Island In Located In The Solomon Island Chain To The Nw Of Guadalcanal. 
Both Campaigns Were Part Of What Came To Be Known As The Allies
"Island Hoping" Strategy To Win The War In The Pacific.

durwood goodale and tim sullivan

Durwood Goodale & Tim Sullivan
Attempting To Dry Clothes On Bougainville. 
They Said That It Was So Hot And Humid On
Bougainville That Clothes Never Really
Dried And Had To Be Worn Wet.

wenzel privratsky

Wenzel Privratsky
Wenzel Looks At The Camera While Playing
Cards With Other Members Of Co. K.

ssgt williard williamson

Ssgt Willard Williamson
Willard Is Pictured In The Middle With His 'artificer' On The Right.
The Artificer Is Traditionally Either: An Enlisted Man Or
A Non-commissioned Officer With Specialized Technical Skills,
Generally With Artillery.


Willard Williamson's Artificer Is On The Left.


Ssgt Willard Williamson
Willard Kneeling While Posing With Others From The 164th. 
The Soldier On The Left Looks To Need Some Home Cooking.

natives on bougainville

Natives Of Bougainville Roasting A Pig During Christmas Of 1944.

christmas pig

Christmas Pig Roasting For Christmas Dinner In 1944. 
Although The Soldiers From Company K Really Appreciated,
They Still Dreamed Of Mom's Home Cooking
Back In Good Old North Dakota.

sgt john clary card

Sgt John Clary's Christmas Card To His Sister Anna,
Post Marked November 26, 1944. Sent From Bougainville.

sgt john clary card

The Inside Of Sgt John Clarys Christmas Card To His Sister Anna Which Was
Written On November 25, 1944.  John Asks,
"How's Carl Is He Still At Home Or Or Did The Army Get Him By This Time." 
Carl Was Anna's Husband.

christmas card from bougainville

Sgt John Clarys Sent This V-mail Christmas Card To His Sister
Anna Schnaidt Of Glen Ullin , North Dakota In December 1944,
While He Was On Bougainville.

The Bougainville Campaign ends.

By the end of December 1944.  The Bougainville Campaign ended 

and the Japanese enemy was forced from the Island!!! 

However, victory would not come without a cost.

bougainville cemetery

Bougainville Cemetery Where Some Of The Soldiers Of
The 164th Infantry Regiment Have Been Placed At Rest.

crosses at bougainville

Rows Of Crosses At Bougainville Cemetery.