Company K and the 164th Infantry Regiments Reunion

September 21 to 23, 2001
Radisson Inn in Bismarck, North Dakota


Seated Left To Right -
Harry Dolyniuk, Bud Boisen,
Tony Beer, Ralph Gaugler
Standing -
Orville Dodge


Back Row -
Agnes Privratsky, Alice Gaugler,
Ralph Gaugler, Kate Dodge, Jane Munkers
Front Row -
Tony Beer, Harry Dolyniuk,
Bud Boisen, Orville Dodge.

bud boisen and harry dolyniuk

Company K Army Buddies, 
Bud Boisen & Harry Dolyniuk
Look At Old Pictures. 
Bud Lives In Idaho And Harry Lives In Georgia.


Standing -
Harry Dolyniuk, Jane Munkers,
Katie Dodge, Bud Boisen, Leah Calbreath
Seated - 
Orville Dodge, Alice & Ralph Gaugler


Ralph Gaugler & Orville Dodge
Listen As
Tony Beer
Makes His Point.

bud boisen and ralpg gaugler 2

Bud Boisen & Ralph Gaugler
From Guadalcanal...

bud boisen and ralpg gaugler present Bismarck And Still Friends
After All These Years!