Rest & Relaxation

Some of the soldiers of Company K of the 164th Infantry Regiment while off duty or on a weekend pass.

john clarys postcard

John Clarys Sent This Postcard From Camp Claiborne, Louisiana To His Sister,
Anna In Glen Ullin, Nd On March 24, 1941. 
"Sitting On Me Bed With My Shoes Off, Etc."

ralph gaugler

PFC Ralph Gaugler
Ralph Representing His State By
Wearing His American Legion
North Dakota Boys State T-shirt. 

jack agnew

Jack Agnew

Gun Slinger!!!

goodale and g weisgerber

Durwood Goodale &
George Weisberger
Durwood Seemed To Be Ahead Of George In Getting
Dressed To Head Out For A Little "Recreation"!


PFC Ralph Gaugler, Pvt Joe Niece & Others
Playing Volleyball For Recreation At Camp Claiborne.
(Circa 1941)

playing cribbage

Playing Cribbage Was A Favorite Pastime Of Company K Soldiers,
Not Only During Basic Training, But During The War And
Throughout The Rest Of Their Lives.  Orville Dodge Is Seen Here
Wearing His Camp Claiborne T-shirt.  Leah Had The Privelage Of
Meeting Him During The 164th Infantry Regiment Reunion
Held In Bismarck, Nd In September Of 2001. 
He Now Lives In Helena, Montana.

card board bottle

Bob Booke, Jack Leithold
& George Grimm
Ok.....we Have A Weekend Pass.....
Should We Take The Cardboard Bottle
Of "Old Quacker" With Us???

frank kessel bar

....or Maybe They Should Just Have A
Drink At Frank Kessel's "Fake" Bar!

pvt john berger

Pvt John Berger
One Of Company K's Cooks In An Off Duty
Moment At Camp Claiborne.

smoke break

This Soldier Decided To Have A
Smoke Break While He Waited.


Ed Fox, Bill Sullivan
& George Lee
There's Nothing Like Watermelon
On A Hot Summer Day. 
Evidently George Lee Wasn't
Taking Any Chances Of Getting
Juice On His Clothes.

baseball game

Soldiers From Company K Enjoy A Baseball Game
In Alexandria, Louisiana.

recreation buses

These Are The Busses That Carried The Soldiers Down The Main Road
Of The Camp And Past The Checkpoint On Entertainment Excursions.

john schuld in cafe

Pvt John Schuld
In A Cafe In Louisiana.
(Circa 1941)

ted kessel in town

Ted Kessel
Somewhere In Louisiana During A Break In Training At Camp Claiborne.

pvt paul dowhaniuk getting gas

Pvt Paul Dowhaniuk
Posing At A Gas Station Stop In Louisiana.
(Circa 1941)

bridge near new orleans

On The Road Following A
Truck Transporting Soldiers
From Company K For A Weekend
Pass In New Orleans. 
They Were Happy To Have A Break
From Training At Camp Claiborne.

lake ponchartrain

The City Of New Orleans Sits On
The Banks Of Lake Ponchartrain,
Home To A Number Of
Paddlewheel Boats.

ralph gaugler in new orleans

Ralph Gaugler
Ralph, Always Being A Snappy Dresser,
Immediately Has His Shoes Shined Upon
Arrival In New Orleans.  He Was Probably
Tired Of Shining His Own Shoes While
Training At Camp Claiborne!

3 privates in new orleans

Pfc Winfred Fischer With Pvt's Wenzel Privratsky & Richard Skarvedt
Have Their Portrait Taken In Louisiana.
(Circa 1941)

soldier on leave

A Soldier Enjoys His Leave In New Orleans. 
Maybe After All That Close Order
Marching At Camp Claiborne,
He Decided To Rest His Tired Dogs!

pvt leonard herauf

Pvt Leonard Herauf
No Doubt There Are Many Of
These Hand Tinted Photographs
That Were Taken At Camp
Claiborne Still Waiting
To Be Discovered!

pvt john riedl

Pvt John Riedl
A Young John Riedel Stopped 
Somewhere On Leave In
Louisiana To Have This Formal
Picture Taken.  Later, He And
His Friend, Leonard Herauf,
Returned To The Same Studio
And This Time...

riedel herauf and friend

Pvt's Riedel & Herauf
...they Brought Along Their Friend.

riedl and herauf

Pvt's John Riedl &
Leonard Herauf
Seem To Enjoy Having Their
Portrait Taken While They
Were In Louisiana.

huey p long statue

While On A Trip To Baton Rouge With The Rest Of Company K, Ralph Gaugler
Said That He Had Spent All Of His Money, So He Slept Near The Grave Of
Former Governor Huey P. Long, Which Was Located On The Grounds
Of The Louisiana State Capitol Building.

johnson sullivan amp gaugler

Folky Johnson, Bill Sullivan
& Ralph Gaugler
Taken On The Shores Of Lake Ponchartrain,
Friendships Formed During Basic Training Were
Certainly Counted On Later During Good Times
And Bad Times In The South Pacific.


A Member Of Company K Was Asked Whose Wives These Were.  He Looked Puzzled And Stated That No Wives Came To Camp Claiborne. 
He Ventured The Guess That They Were Perhaps...missionaries.