Borrowers' Policy

The library is open to the general public, but only registered borrowers may take materials from the library.

Permanent residents, those who live or own property in Dickinson or in Stark, Billings or Slope County may register for a free library card. Such policy is required by NDCC 40-38-07, which states that service without fee must be provided to those residents who live in the political subdivisions which support the library through local taxes.

Dickinson State University students may borrow materials using their current University ID/ library card.

Fees for borrowing services to North Dakota residents residing outside of the Stark, Billings and Slope County limits are set by the Board. The annual fee is $20 for a single card and $25 for a family’s cards.

Temporary residents may borrow at the discretion of the Library Director or the person in charge of the circulation desk. A $20.00 fee is charged for a temporary card. This allows the borrower to check out two items at a time. They will receive full Overdrive privileges.

Cards are issued upon completion of the formal application form.

Children qualify for library cards at the age of 4. These applications must be signed by the parent or guardian. When children reach the age of 18 they are transferred to an adult record. Preschool children under 4 may borrow under parent’s cards.

The Library Director reserves the right to discontinue service to anyone abusing the library privileges as provided for by NDCC 40-38-07.

Approved by Library Board

November 14, 2017