maj robert b baird

Maj Robert B. Baird
He Was The Son Of Brig. Gen. Laroy Baird, Sr. Who
Had Served With Company K During World War I.

lt col laroy baird jr

Lt Col Laroy Baird Jr.
Laroy Returned From Duty In Tokyo, Japan In April Of 1946
As One Of The Four Original Inducted Officers Still With
The 164th Infantry Regiment.  His Father Was
Brig Gen Laroy Baird, Sr. Who Had Served In
World War I With Company K.

2lt orville n dodge

2lt Orville N. Dodge
Pictured Stateside After His Service To His Country As A
Member Of Company K Of The 164th Infantry Regiment 
In The Asiatic Pacific Theater During War War II.

ssgt willard williamson

Ssgt Willard Williamson
This Portrait Was Taken After WWII At Osborn Studios
In Dickinson, Nd.  The Insignia On His Left Arm Is That Of
The Americal Division.  It Consists Of A Blue Shield
Bearing Four White Stars In The Form Of The
Constellation, The Southern Cross, Alluding To
The Area In The South Pacific Where
The Americal Division Was Organized.

sgt raymond e summers

Sgt Raymond E. Summers
This Portrait Taken After Returning From World War Ii
At Osborn Studio In Dickinson, Nd.

sgt anthony wolf

Sgt Anthony "Tony" Wolf
Taken Upon Tony's Return To
North Dakota Following The War.

martin brothers

The Weisgerber Brothers
Cpl Martin, Tsgt George & Ssgt Joe
Each Hash Mark On Their Lower Sleeves
Represents 6 Months Of Overseas Duty.

sgt ray summers

Sgt Ray, Qm3 Arthur M., Yn2 Wilbur E.
& Phm1 Charles Summers
While Ray Served With Company K, His Three Brothers
Served In The U.S. Navy.  Taken At Osborn Studios
In Dickinson, Nd After The War In 1945.

don oulette

Don Oullette
Shortly After Returning Home From The War.

sgt frank thomas

Sgt Frank Thomas
Served With His Brother Carl...

pvt carl thomas

Pvt Carl Thomas
...in Company K.

john clarys 1946

John Clarys (Left)
With His Brothers Neil, Joseph, James And His Father C.p. At Hteir Farm In Stark County, North Dakota In 1946.

durwood goodale at home

1sgt Durwood Goodale
Taken On Durwood's First Day Back Home From The War.


Tim Sullivan, Folky Johnson,
Bill Sullivan & John Gray
These Army Buddies Gather For A Reunion In 1946. 
This Gathering Is Either At Folky's Or John's House
In Stanley, North Dakota.

army buddies in stanley

Folky Johnson & John Gray
Together In Stanley, North Dakota In 1946,
Shortly After Their Discharge.

john gray

John Gray
Taken In 1946 Shortly After His Discharge.  He Had Served Since February Of 1941.