Bookmobile Policy

All general library policies apply for Bookmobile patrons.

Key points:

  • Patrons Must present valid card to checkout or make requests.
  • Patrons Must obtain library cards in-person with valid picture ID and proof of permanent address in property tax areas.  Any address changes or updates to the card information need to be communicated to us as soon as possible. (Exception:  School students will require the completed permission slip and registration card).
  • All new cardholders will be given the policies.
  • Rural fee and temporary cards stay the same as regular policies with limits in place.
  • Replacement cards are $2.00 each.
  • Overdues – the only exception is that Bookmobile items are due at the next regularly scheduled stop at that location (up to 5 weeks).  Overdues will be sent out.
  • Lost or damaged items – Overdues are sent at 1 week overdue, 2 weeks overdue and at 1 month overdue a bill is sent with a 30 day grace until the patrons are handed to our Collection agency.  If patrons contact us before the Collection Agency, we are more than happy to work with them to remedy the overdue dilemma.
  • All patrons, siblings and parents of library patrons that have a collection status bill will be blocked from library checkouts and other online downloading until the items are returned and all fees are paid to the correct entity. Substitutions of items are NOT accepted for lost or damaged items. Collection agency payments are monthly to the Dickinson Area Public Library. Patron blocks will be cleared as soon as payment has been made to the Library by the Agency.
  • Schools will provide a complete listing of current students prior to the 1st visit in the fall, updating this list as students leave and enroll.  Class scheduled library time slots will be agreed upon by the teacher and the Bookmobile librarian.
  • Teachers/schools may set their own limits as long as they are lower than the policy.  These limits must be communicated in writing to the Bookmobile librarian.
  • All items checked out by bookmobile students must be returned by the last Bookmobile visit in Apr/May (before the school term ends).  Any items not returned, are the responsibility of the student, parent and school.
  • Parents are the ultimate responsible party for items that are overdue, damaged or lost.
  • Make-up -  If weather, illness or mechanical problems cause us to miss a regular Bookmobile stop, every effort will be made to contact any patrons from the cancelled route for renewals or requests.

Approved by Library Board

August 25, 2014