Rest & Recuperation at Fiji


The Soldiers Of Company K Would Be Sent To The
Fiji Islands For Some Badly Needed R & R.

field church service on fiji

Field Church Service While At Fiji.

r & r on fiji

Several Members Of Company K While On R&r At Fiji.

jack agnew and bud boisen on fiji

Jack Agnew & Bud Boisen
Photo Was Taken On Fiji.

pete mulvaney fiji

Pete Mulvaney
Even Cooks Need Some R&R On Fiji.

john gunderson fiji

John Gunderson
Walking Down A Path On Fiji.

pickup football on fiji

Pickup Up Football Game At Fiji. 
Apparently The Rule Allowing The Use Of Frying Pan,
Was Dropped After WWII.

r and r on fiji

Soldiers From Company K While On R&r At Fiji In 1943.
Back Row:  John Gray, Bill Sullivan, Tim Sullivan,
“the Bootlegger”, Bill George, Folky Johnson
& Jack Agnew  Middle Row: Edward Feininger
Front Row: Ted Zagurski, Harry Dolyniuk,
Jay Stow, Unkown & Bud Boisen

r and r_fiji

Ralph Ashbacher, Allen Westmark & Ray Summers
Enjoying Their R&r At Fiji.

george j urbanec

George J. Urbanec
Color Photo While
On R&R At Fiji.


Durwood Goodale, Bud Boisen, Herb Mack,
John Berger, Wenzel Privratsky,
John Gunderson & George Grimm
Photo Taken At Fiji During
September Of 1943.

cp john gray

Cpl John Gray
On His R&R Break At Fiji In 1943.

cpl john gray

Cpl John Gray
Visiting An Ice Cream Factory
At Fiji In March Of 1943.

cpl john gray

Some Soldiers From Co. K  Outside The Px On Fiji In 1943.  
John Gray Is Third From The Left In The Backrow.

allen e westmark

Allen E. Westmark
Taken July Of 1943.

ralph gaugler

Ralph Gaugler
Watching Some Of The Natives Of Fiji As They Work In Their Fields.

sgt herb mack

Sgt Herb Mack
Although The Photograph Is Fuzzy, You Can See Herb Cuddling Someone's Pet Cat While Visiting Fiji.

Back to the war
R & R on Fiji couldn't last forever. The war was still raging and in December of 1943,
Company K would find itself shipping out to take part in the Bouganville campaign. 
Bouganville was another island in the solomon island chain nw of guadalcanal. 
As part of would become known as the "Island hopping" strategy
The allies employed in the south pacific.