Around the World in 7 Weeks: Africa

Around the World Program on June 20th at 10am for ages 7-10

We‘ll travel around the world in 7 weeks by learning about one continent each week. We‘ll learn about some of the countries on that continent, a famous landmark, food, and more! There will be a craft and snack themed to a country at this event as well. *Sign-up Required!

*REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED AS SEATING IS LIMITED TO 30 KIDS (AGES 7 - 10) & EACH CHILD MUST BE REGISTERED SEPARATELY (You are registering your child not yourself). Improper registrations may be cancelled at the Library's discretion.  

  • Please contact the library or cancel your registration if you cannot attend to open the spot up to someone else. If you are wait-listed, you may show up and see if a spot opened up, though there is no guarantee a spot will be open. A PARENT OR GUARDIAN (OVER 18) MUST REMAIN IN THE LIBRARY FOR THE DURATION OF THE PROGRAM. 

*If you are more than 5 minutes late for a program, we will assume you are not coming and will allow waiting patrons to attend.