SCRAM Registration

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The Dickinson Police Department has launched a new community crime-fighting tool; the Surveillance Camera Registration and Mapping Program. The program allows citizens to become involved with crime solving efforts by allowing police to review surveillance video if a crime occurred within the view of the citizen’s camera. By registering cameras before a crime has happened, police will be able to quickly identify addresses that may have captured critical data once a crime does occur, thus greatly enhancing the chances of solving that crime.

The SCRAM program is completely voluntary. Any data provided to us is strictly controlled, and will not be shared to outside sources. To register your cameras, complete the form below. Once registered, you will be notified via mail and also be given a complimentary SCRAM window cling to place in a visible location.

The camera(s) I am registering are located at my:
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Address of Cameras
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Number of exterior view cameras at this location:
Select all the exterior views your camera(s) capture in relation to your residence/business:
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Working with the Dickinson community to deter crime and promote public safety is the goal of the program. Accordingly, all camera registrants agree to the following terms and conditions; 1.) Registration is voluntary 2.) Registration information will only be used by the Dickinson Police Department for official purposes only; information will not be shared 3.) The Dickinson Police Department may ask a registrant to check their recordings for a specific date and time should officers determine the potential for video evidence in the vicinity of the registrant's surveillance system 4.) Any footage containing or related to criminal activity may be collected by the Dickinson Police Department for use as evidence during any stage of a criminal proceeding 5.) Under no circumstances will registrants construe they are acting as an agent or employee of the City of Dickinson or the Dickinson Police Department 6.) Under no circumstances will the Dickinson Police Department utilize any information obtained to access or view live recordings or feeds coming directly from cameras owned by registrants 7.) If registrant wishes to withdraw from the program, please contact the Dickinson Police Department Community Resources Officer 8.) By submitting this form, I acknowledge I have read and agree to the disclaimer and terms of use for the program