Bike Patrol

Bike Patrol

The Bike Patrol has been a component of the Patrol Division at the Dickinson Police Department for many decades. The purpose of the unit is to provide an alternative method of patrolling the City and to enhance our commitment to Community Oriented Policing (COP). Bike Officers emphasize a proactive approach, by interacting with citizens to better help address neighborhood problems and concerns.

The unit has a fleet of several purpose-built police bikes manufactured by Trek. Each officer who volunteers for bike patrol duty participates in yearly training and certification to operate in the unit. The training challenges the riding skills of officers through the use of obstacle courses, physical excursion, and safe-riding practices.

Bike Patrol officers ride for special events, such as First on First, softball tournaments, and parades. Squad cars can also be fitted with bike racks, allowing the officer great mobility throughout other areas of town.

Advantages of Bike Patrol:

  • Officers come in closer contact with the community. The bike is an excellent public relations tool for the officers.
  • People are more comfortable approaching an officer on a bike versus an officer in a squad car.
  • Officers can approach areas with a more quiet, stealthier approach. Officers often encounter illegal activity far before suspects realize the presence of officers.
  • Bikes save the taxpayers money on fuel and maintenance costs of the squad cars.
  • Bikes can access areas too small or out-of-view for the squad cars.
  • Officers can also better enforce bicycle laws and promote bike safety while on the bike.