The City of Dickinson is a wonderful place to live and raise a family. A low crime rate is attributed to a close-knit relationship between the department and the citizens of Dickinson. The department offers many opportunities for advancement and the chance to get to know the community even further.

Law enforcement is a very demanding, but very rewarding career. The goal of the City of Dickinson is to attract and retain the most qualified individuals available. An open and competitive process is utilized for job openings. Below is a description of the police department hiring process


To become a police officer with the Dickinson Police Department, you must:

  • Be at least 20 years old;
  • Have a high school diploma or GED – A two-year degree in criminal justice or associated field is preferred;
  • Possess a North Dakota driver’s license or ability to obtain one by employment;
  • Have an acceptable driving record;
  • Meet the requirement of the Peace Officer’s licensing board;
  • Pass a written examination;
  • Pass a physical examination;
  • Pass a background investigation;
  • Pass a physical ability test;
  • Have honest, ethical, and high moral character;
  • Be committed to serving and working in partnership with your community;
  • Have excellent interpersonal skills;
  • Have sound judgment and decision-making skills;
  • Be looking for a rewarding career in one of the finest cities in the state!


The department is dedicated to providing citizens with professional officers of high integrity. To achieve this, the following document contains items that may disqualify a prospective candidate from employment. Applicants are encouraged to review this document before applying.

Disqualify.pdf Disqualification List

Does this sound like you?

If so, then we are interested in you and feel that we have much to offer you! We anticipate a continual high number of openings for police officer positions due to the growth of our city and many upcoming retirements. We hope the information below will answer most of your questions about our department and our application and selection process. If you have further questions, please contact our recruiter, Deputy Chief Matt Hanson at (701) 456-7854. We look forward to hearing from you!

Selection Process

The following steps must be taken by a prospective candidate:

  1. Application – Visit the City of Dickinson Job Opportunity portal at https://www.governmentjobs.com/careers/dickinson. Create an account and complete the online application. Note: Applications are available only when there is a current opening. Human Resources then compiles all applications, and the applicant is notified of an interview date.
  2. Written Examination – Successfully pass the Fire & Police Selection, INC (FPSI) Written Exam. The City of Dickinson will administer the exam, which is usually held on the same day as the oral interviews. A practice test for the written exam can be found at http://www.fpsi.com/police-test-preparation-manuals-practice-tests for a small fee.
  3. Oral Interview Board – The interview board usually consists of Sergeants and Senior Patrol Officers, Detectives, and our administrative Lieutenant. The applicants are asked several questions to gauge character, decision-making, and a general understanding of the field of law enforcement.
  4. Physical Ability Test – The department conducts the Validated Physical Ability Test (VPAT), which consists of push-ups, sit-ups, obstacle sprints, and a beep-test run. Videos of the test stages are available by Clicking Here. We try to hold the VPAT on the same day as the written and oral exams, with considerations made for attire changes.
  5. Chief’s Interview Board – Applicants suggested for employment by the interview board AND who passed the written exam will be given a Chief’s interview.
  6. Conditional Offer– Based on the results of the Chief’s interview, the Chief may give the applicant a Conditional Offer of Employment  The applicant’s information is then forwarded to a background investigator for a full examination.
  7. Background Investigation– Those given a conditional offer will undergo background checks. Investigators contact present and past employers, references, and acquaintances and conduct investigations into criminal history, driving records, and credit status. All information is held in strict confidence and will not be released. The Dickinson Police Department is firmly committed to all applicants' equal and impartial treatment. The investigation will thoroughly examine the applicant’s background and who they are. We want to ensure that our employees will provide the citizens of our community and those who visit our city with the best service possible.
  8. Final Review– Upon review of the selection process, the Chief will make the Final Offer of Employment.
  9. Probationary Period– All officers must remain on probation for at least 3 months.



Field Training Operation Program (FTO)

Upon employment, the new officer is put through a rigorous, 12-week training program. During that time, the new officer spends his/her time with a Training Officer and “learns the ropes” of police work. After completion of the FTO program, the new officer is placed on his/her own and begins taking calls. If the new officer is not a Police Academy graduate, the department then sends the officer to the Law Enforcement Training Academy in Bismarck, ND. The officer spends 12 weeks at the academy.

In 2018, the department invested in a $250,000 VirTra situational training simulator. This interactive equipment adds incredible realism by allowing an officer to immerse into video recorded scenarios that tests his/her judgement, de-escalation, and marksmanship. During field training, the simulator is used extensively to prepare a new recruit for high-stress situations they may encounter on the street. The department also conducts quarterly trainings in VirTra to maintain a high degree of readiness.

Reciprocity and Other Training

Generally, applicants who are licensed/certified from another state will be granted reciprocity. However, the final determination comes from the North Dakota Peace Officers Standards and Training (NDPOST) Board. If reciprocity is granted, the new officer will only be required to attend two weeks of North Dakota criminal and traffic law training at the Law Enforcement Training Center in Bismarck.

Lake Region State College in Devils Lake also offers Peace Officer training. Students are enrolled in a 17-week program very similar to the state’s Law Enforcement Academy. After successful completion, students are licensable peace officers in the State of North Dakota. This means that upon hire, the hiring department submits the officer’s credentials to the NDPOST Board and the officer then becomes officially licensed. Students at LRSC also earn college credits towards an AAS degree in Law Enforcement.

For more information about the training academies, click on their links below.

Lake Region State College

North Dakota Law Enforcement Training Academy (LETA)

Comments and Questions

Comments and questions regarding employment opportunities can be directed to our recruiter, LT Mike Hanel at:

Phone: 701-456-7756 or Click to Email