Parking Ticket Procedures

Parking Violation Procedures

Parking violations under municipal ordinance, classified as non-criminal offenses, carry only a monetary penalty. The person may pay the established penalty for the violation set forth in the Dickinson Municipal Code. Parking violations include (but are not limited to): Handicapped parking, wrong side of street, 2-day parking, recreational vehicle (Nov. 1st – Mar. 31st), fire hydrant, and blocking sidewalk. 

Receiving a Violation

If you are issued a ticket for a parking violation, you must respond within 5 days by paying the violation in person, over the phone, or by mail. Online payments for parking tickets are not available. You may also request a hearing in Municipal Court.

The following information relates specifically to parking violations:

Your vehicle may be towed by the authority of the Dickinson Police Department for certain parking violations including (but not limited to): 2-day parking and recreational vehicles parked on residential streets (Nov. 1st – Mar. 31st), if they are not moved by the date listed on the warning. Educate yourself! You can find all parking violations listed in Chapter 23 of the Dickinson Municipal Code here

Handicapped Parking violations may be dismissed by the Municipal Judge if you present your Handicapped Parking Placard and your Driver’s License to the Municipal Clerk of Court. Upon verification your placard is valid, the ticket may be dismissed.

Failure to Pay

If you do not follow the procedures as outlined, the Municipal Clerk of Court may order a Failure to Comply complaint & summons, which is a class B Misdemeanor (see Criminal Procedures for maximum penalties).