City Commission

The five member City Commission, includes the President of the City Commission. All members of Commission have a vote in the matters that come before it. City Commissioners serve alternating four year terms, with two or three commissioners up for election every two years.

Located here is the agenda for the meeting coming up or the most recently held meeting depending on when this page is viewed. The new agenda and meeting memo is loaded late in the afternoon on the Friday before a regularly scheduled meeting. The meeting memo for the City Commission is written by the applicable departments and describes each agenda item in detail with recommendations where appropriate.

Scott J. Decker
Scott Decker President 701.456.7744
Jason Fridrich
Jason Fridrich Commissioner 701.456.7744
Dr. Robert Baer
Dr. Robert Baer Commissioner 701.590.0238
John Odermann
John Odermann Vice President 701.456.7744
Suzi Sobolik
Suzi Sobolik Commissioner 701.456.7744