Municipal Court FAQ's

Can I pay my traffic/criminal fines online?

Online payments are coming soon to Dickinson Municipal Court. The public will be notified when this option becomes available through Call 701-456-7770 to pay over the phone, or stop in person at City Hall.

Can I pay with a credit/debit card?

Absolutely! Municipal Court accepts credit/debit cards at City Hall or over the phone. 701-456-7770 

How many points was that ticket? Am I suspended?

Click here for the points schedule for ND. If you’d like to check the status of your ND Driver’s License, click here

I have a warrant?!?!

Unfortunately, if you fail to appear at the date/time specified on your citation(s) or summons, a warrant will be issued for your arrest. This can also happen if you fail to follow conditions set at an Order to Show Cause, Review, or Warrant hearing. Check the Public Record Search to see if you have a warrant. Contact the Clerk’s office to see what you can do! 701-456-7770

What happens to my bond?

In Municipal Court, only cash bonds are accepted, and guarantee your appearance in Court. Failure to appear will result in any bond being forfeited to the Court. If you wish your bond to be returned to the bond remitter, you must discuss this with the Judge in Court. Unless otherwise specified, your bond will be applied to your fines/fees upon entry of a plea of guilty.

What if I can’t come to Court?

While it is YOUR responsibility to make travel and/or child-care arrangements prior to your court date, we do understand that emergencies happen. Call us if you aren’t able to appear. The Judge usually will allow ONE reschedule, but there are exceptions to this rule! Never assume! 701-456-7770

What if I can’t pay my fines this month?

The Dickinson Municipal Court prides itself on working with our Defendants to make their fine payments. Communication is key! Call us if you can’t make your regular payment, or need to update your address. This may prevent you from having a warrant issued for your arrest! 701-456-7770

What if I have an out-of-state Driver’s License and I get a ticket in ND?

Any citation related to your driving privileges will be on record with both the ND Department of Transportation and the licensing authority in your state. Since laws vary from state to state, we always recommend contacting both authorities. Click here for the NDDOT Frequently Asked Questions page.

What if I’m ordered to do a Chemical Dependency Evaluation and I live or am working out of state?

Call the local courthouse in your area for a list of locations. Remember, the evaluation must be given by a CERTIFIED ADDICTION COUNSELOR. Ask them to email the completion to citycourt [at] () & the ND DOT at drs [at] The ND DOT requires you to follow any recommended treatment for eligibility to reinstate your driver’s license, and failure to do so may cause even more problems if you’re licensed in another state. 

What if my friend/family member is in jail and can’t post bond?

Municipal Court holds bond hearings daily, as needed, by video. Times can vary based on a number of factors, so if you’re unsure, call us. The outcome of the hearing is also based on a number of factors, so never assume your friend or family member will be released the same day. 701-456-7770 

You may also contact the Southwest Multi-County Correctional Center at 701-456-7790.

When is my court date?

Municipal Court is in session every Thursday beginning at 8:30 am. If Thursday is a government-recognized holiday, Court will NOT be in session. The easiest way to check when you have court is to search your name on the Public Record Search. If you’re having trouble finding your information, give us a call and we would be happy to assist you! 701-456-7770 

Who/What is allowed in the Courtroom?

  • In most cases, only the Defendant is allowed in the courtroom. The exception to this rule is a parent/guardian for a Juvenile, or a reasonable accommodation for someone with a disability, i.e. interpreter or case worker. We do not allow congregating in the lobby area of City Hall. 
  • Children under age 14 are not allowed in the courtroom. Make childcare arrangements before your court date! 
  • No hats are to be worn. 
  • Cellphones must be turned off. 
  • No food or beverages are allowed. 
  • No weapons of any kind are allowed in the building.
  • You must pass through security before entering the courtroom. 
  • You must remain professional and courteous throughout Court proceedings, or you may be held in Contempt of Court.
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