Adopt a Pet

To retrieve an animal from the pound, the owner must have the animal licensed with the City of Dickinson. The cost for a two year license is $25.  Current documentation of Rabies and vaccinations must be provided.

There is also a pound fee of $50 plus a fee of $10 per day.

Section 5.08.018 Impoundment Generally
It is the duty of every police officer and animal control officer to apprehend any dog or cat found at large or found to be a public nuisance as provided in this article, and to impound such dog or cat in the city animal shelter or other suitable place. Upon receiving any dog or cat, the City shall make a complete registry, entering the breed, color and sex of such dog or cat and whether it is licensed and vaccinated against rabies and distemper.

If the dog or cat is licensed and vaccinated against rabies and distemper, the name and address of the owner and number of the tag shall be recorded and the owner contacted. Licensed and vaccinated animals shall be separated from unlicensed and unvaccinated animals. Whether a dog or cat is surrendered, captured at large, or seized, the dog or cat may be impounded in the city animal shelter for a period as required in section 5.04.055. The owner of the dog or cat shall make arrangements to remove the animal from the animal shelter. If the owner fails to make such arrangements within ten (10) days of receiving notice of capture, the animal may be destroyed by the City or given to another person who is willing to adopt the animal and commits to licensing, vaccinating, and spaying or neutering the animal. Said owner will be subject to a fee as described in the city fee schedule for impoundment of the dog or cat. (Ord. No. 857, § 1; Ord. No. 1272 § 22; Ord. No. 1332 § 13.)

For additional information on policies, procedures, retrieving an animal, or adoption please contact the Dickinson Police Department at 701-456-7759.

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