FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Can you shoot off fireworks within the city limits?

No. Unfortunately, firework use in the city is prohibited, with the exception of the city-sanctioned professional fireworks display on the 4th of July at the old DSU Rodeo Grounds. “Fireworks” include anything that is to be lit, including (but not limited to) bottle rockets, fire crackers, and sparklers. Party poppers and snaps are allowed.
You may use fireworks outside the city limits in the county. However, if the fire index is elevated to a level which prohibits such use, officials will notify the public that a burn/fireworks ban is in place.
Discharging fireworks within city limits is considered an “infraction”, with a fine of $150.
For more information about firework safety, visit the Dickinson Fire Department’s website at Dickinson Fire
The current Rangeland Fire Index can be found by Clicking Here