The Operations Division is responsible for fire suppression, motor vehicle accident response, hazardous material incident response, medical assistance calls, technical rescue, and training. Within the Fire Division there are ongoing maintenance and test requirements of the apparatus, equipment, and  fire hydrant testing.

Incident Response

Fire Truck

The Dickinson Fire Department responds to a variety of calls both fire emergencies and non-fire emergencies. Non-fire calls for service include rescue, auto extrication,  emergency medical service, hazardous conditions, false alarms/false calls, citizen complaints, and general service calls.

Dickinson Fire Department is one of eight (8) departments in the state of North Dakota tasked with hazardous material and structural collapse regional response. We respond to technical rescue situations including high angle, confined space incidents, and trench rescue.


Fire Fighters Training

Dickinson Fire Department Volunteer members are required to complete Firefighter I Certification within two (2) years of joining the department. Fulltime firefighters must have Firefighter I Certification upon hire. The North Dakota Firefighters Association also provides Firefighter II certification with the option to pursue Pro-Board Certification: NFPA Standard 1001, which is a Nationally Recognized Standard.

Opportunities are provided for members to attend trainings outside the department and attain certifications such as Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) or Emergency medical Technician (EMT).


Fire Truck

Within the Fire Division ongoing maintenance and test requirements of the apparatus and equipment is managed by Fire Engineer along with our Full-Time Firefighters. This also includes coordination of the fire department’s annual fire hydrant test program in conjunction with the City Water Utilities Department.

Department Apparatus

In addition to the Apparatus, the Dickinson Fire Department has a Regional Hazardous material Response Trailer, a Regional Response Structural Collapse/Trench Rescue Trailer, a Special Operations Trailer, and six (6) Utility Vehicles