A New Occurrence of a Shark Bitten Pterosaur Wing Bone and A Dromaeosaur Tooth From the Carlile Shale (Turonian) of Milbank, South Dakota

 HANKS, H. Douglas; Science Museum of Minnesota, Saint Paul, MN. WESTGAARD, John; Minnesota Discovery Center, Chisholm, MN. HASTINGS, Alexander K; Science Museum of Minnesota, Saint Paul, MN


Research by the Science Museum of Minnesota from 1975-2014 produced numerous shark, plesiosaur, turtle, bony fish fossils and fragments of dinosaur teeth.  Noteworthy among these specimens are a pterosaur wing bone with evidence of scavenging by the Cretaceous shark Squalicorax.  Also present was a single dromaeosaur tooth which represents an isolated occurrence of this dinosaur along the Eastern margin of the Cretaceous Inland Sea in this area.  Both specimens help to reconstruct the paleoenvironment of the Late Cretaceous of this area.