Updates to the Dinosaur Fauna of the Late Cretaceous Coleraine Formation (Cenomanian) in Central and Northern Minnesota

HANKS, H. Douglas; Science Museum of Minnesota, Saint Paul, MN. WESTGAARD, John; Minnesota Discovery Center, Chisholm, MN. HASTINGS, Alexander K; Science Museum of Minnesota, Saint Paul, MN


Dinosaur fossils remain rare and unreported in Minnesota with the exception of a single weathered centrum of a Hadrosaur found in Crow Wing County in 1972. Until recently this was the only known dinosaur specimen documented in the state.  Current research in the last 15 years has added to the dinosaurian fauna of Minnesota.  These specimens include a dromaeosaur ungual, a dromaeosaur tooth, a vertebral process of a non-crocodilian archosaur and numerous bone fragments.  These specimens were found at the Hill-Annex Mine in Cretaceous stockpiles removed by open pit mining operations from 1913 to 1945.  Further research should produce additional specimens in adjoining stockpiles and newer areas.