FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the 24/7 Program?

The 24/7 program was developed by the Attorney General’s office as a response to repeat offenders of alcohol-related crimes. The entire state adopted the 24/7 program in 2008, and Dickinson has been participating in it ever since.
The main use for our 24/7 program is to monitor individuals who have been convicted of their 2nd DUI offense and are out on unsupervised probation. They are required to come to the LEC twice a day and submit a breath sample. If their breath registers any amount of alcohol, or if they fail to show up for testing, they are immediately taken into custody. The individual must pay $2/day for the tests to help offset the cost of the program. The Stark County Sheriff’s Department administers the tests.
The program is also used for individuals on parole & probation, and those out on bond for a domestic assault or other crimes where alcohol was involved. Statewide, the statistics are that 98% of the participants successfully complete the program, meaning they are not drinking (and driving) and not reoffending. For more information, visit the Attorney General’s website about 24/7