FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

If you lost your bike, is there a place you can go to look for your lost/stolen bike?

Our dispatch keeps a log of any stolen/missing bikes reported to the department. That way, if officers come across an abandoned bike, we can get it back to the owner. Therefore, if you have a missing/stolen bike, please contact the department and report it as such.
If we cannot find the owner, the bike is placed into our impound, located at the old Public Works BuildingĀ on West Broadway. If you want to look at the impounded bikes to see if one may be yours, contact our dispatch and they will send an officer to meet you at the building.
The best way to prevent bike theft is to keep your bikes secured with a lock or by placing them in a locked building. Moreover, we urge citizens to purchase city bike licenses. These greatly help officers locate the owner of the bike, as we have a list of the license numbers on file at the department. The licenses can be purchased for a small fee at City Hall during normal business hours.